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At the Pacific Northwest Film Company, we focus on relationships and story. We are here to help with content strategy and story development as well as project planning and producing. We also handle end to end Production and Post-production all the way to final packaged exports. 
We are creative advisors and collaborators. In today’s content creation culture a brand faces many challenges in terms of creating fresh and relevant content. Our mission is to build strong meaningful relationships between companies and their customers through stories. From company employees to the end customer everyone has a story and people crave new stories. When you tell stories in a heartfelt way they resonate. They are remembered. They are shared. They are acted upon!

We work hard 

have fun

and love to create!

We are a creative company that is structured to make work that elevates industry standards. Pacific Northwest Film Company is centered around a lean core of highly experienced freelance professionals, our team is scaled to fit the needs of each client and project. This allows us to source the best talent available for every project.
​We've been fortunate enough to work with Fortune 25 companies along with many labels, bands and artist in the music and entertainment industries.
Good content can sometimes just be captured, but great content is planned and produced to craft and create amazing stories that are visually and emotionally interesting experiences. We have the experience to know what is needed to craft your stories and the ability to take care of all the details to make it happen. We create content based on your content strategy, business needs, and target audience to add business value. Our success does not end with delivering exceptional content, we like to be involved in your business strategy and how your company is measuring the content’s success.

People believe in companies that understand they are a part of their customer's story.

Our Production teams are in love with what they do. It’s important to us to be focused on creating exceptional content and to be efficient in our processes on production days. We also equally value making the process fun for everyone involved. We live for those shots that can only be described as “wow.” Our post production team works remotely to accommodate clients from all over the country. Whether you need to edit a TV commercial, corporate video, Instagram or Facebook ad, infomercial, retail display ad, or content for a 75-foot vertical concert display, we're able to edit it!
Each piece of content is formed by thousands of small choices throughout its creation. From conception to completion we are here to help!
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